Bagelinos Gluten-Free Bagels Lined Up

Press & Compliments

Press & Compliments

See what the press says about Bagelinos gluten-free bagels and buns:

"Absolutely delicious, cheesy bagels with a very pleasant, chewy texture. I loved these bagels!”

“I love Bagelinos®– they are a great snack at all times of day and a perfect addition to my breakfast . . . Toasting the bagel made the cheese flavor stand out, and I really enjoyed it!”

“A fab cheese filled gluten-free bagel from the g-free bakery company . . .”

“Bagelinos® is one of the best new products I have come across in a while.”

“Low in fat and sugars – they are a perfect snack before and after school.”

“The cool thing — especially for traveling — is that they come pre-packaged in individual portion sizes.”

“This was very good. It was buttery and cheesy, slightly sweet, and not too salty. I really appreciated that these products have no preservatives and are 100% natural.”

"The perfect gluten-free breakfast pastry snack - anytime!"

“New Jersey-made Bagelinos offer a twist in that they’re sweet and savory. Both the original bagel-style pastries and the buns are certified gluten free.”

Here is what our customers say about Bagelinos gluten-free bagels and buns:

"These are so convenient to have on hand – especially since they are individually wrapped. Whenever we are heading out somewhere, I grab a few out of the freezer and stick them in my bag. By the time we arrive at our destination, they are ready to eat."
- E. H.

“It is so nice to be able to have gluten free bagels!”
– T.H.

“I love these especially when they are warmed up!”
– K.B.

“The Garlic ones are great for sandwiches!”
– L.C.

“Dear Bagelinos – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The whole carton of bagels was able to fit in my downstairs freezer so I tied it up with a beautiful bow and card and I will present it to my husband on his birthday, Sunday. Now he will be able to have your bagels, the only kind he likes, every single day! I'm sure my whole family will get a kick out of hearing about his special and unusual present!!! Many many thanks for making it possible – Most fondly,"
- E.S.